How to spot good quality Tiffany lamp?

You found this really nice Tiffany lamp replica.. Or try to submit it to the artist who will make it real. 

How to spot is it durable, well made and looks like the best Tiffany lamps? 

There are few things which you should be aware of. It can be seen from the photos if the lamp is worth your money or not. 


This is what makes the lamp nice or not. The colors are what you see first. It depends on you what colors you like, but overall composition should be adequate. 

Highest quality glass of Uroboros, Youghiogheny, Bullseye etc. has interesting finish - ripple, granite, drapery. Cheap glass is almost always smooth. 

Good qualirt glass has depth in color and mixed colors with mottles, streakies, fractures or fibroids. As they are handmade, each lamp will be slightly different - that's what is the best about them!

Unique colors of Tiffany lamp


What makes the lamps hold together. So leads should be smooth and nice, not too narrow because it won't make the lamp strong. Always have a look at patina - if this is a good color, there are no places where it not worked (silver points left - that's the color of the tin). 

Also smooth leads are nice in touch, you can't see any copper foil from underneath.

Too narrow tin


The next thing you should ask when buying a lamp is: isn't it bent? Is it smooth? As long as it's handmade product it is possible there will be slight iperfections. But as you turn the lamp round on the base (be careful to not deatach it from the base) it should be smooth movement, withour any swinging. 


It is really up to you - if you like the design, just go for it. If you are looking for closest-to-Tiffany replica, always ask if it was made with Odyssey lamp systems. These are the best systems for stained glass lamps - it is almost 1:1 pattern to Tiffany Studios. There are more systems available (Worden system) for less experienced stained glass makers. In this systems elements are just simplified to make lamps faster and easier. 

I hope you will always get what you want if it comes to stained glass lamps. You can always ask on a Facebook groups of Tiffany lamp lovers if the lamp is worth the money or not. 

Thank you, and please share!

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