NEW IN: Hydrangea table lamp

Hydrangea lamp

called also the Snowball lamp is inspired by nature. A flower with roung heads. It comes in variety of colors, from pinks, purples to blues. It is possible to spot even white hydrangeas with green tones. 

Hydrangea flower as an inspiration to Tiffany lamp

Lamp we lately made is composition of blue hues with a little transparent, yellow and pale blue background which looks like a sky in th summer.

This is beautiful and contemporary design.

Some more information about the lamp itself:

This shade is 16" in diameter, 11" deep. It has 348 pieces of glass. 

There is also bigger, floor version of this lamp and it's 25" in diameter then, with 14 3/4" deepth and 711 pieces of glass. We made both of them, sourcing inspiration from nature. 

Hydrangea lamps

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